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Op dit deel van de website vind u links naar boeken die u helpen bij het opstarten en houden van een zeeaquarium, of interessant zijn voor de aquariumhouder.
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Deze mini-encyclopedie staat boordevol informatie en praktische tips. Het eerste deel gaat in op de technieken en systemen die worden gebruikt bij het houden van tropische zeevissen, en laat zien hoe u deze kunt toepassen bij het inrichten van een tropisch zeeaquarium. Hierna volgt deskundig advies op het gebied van voeding, onderhoud, kweken en gezondheidszorg. Deel twee behandelt een groot aantal tropische zeevissen uit de hele wereld, inclusief gegevens over hun compatibiliteit, eetgewoonten en mogelijkheden tot voortplanting.

Exotische onderwaterwereld. Zeewateraquaria blijven boeien door de schitterende kleurenpracht van de vissen en de bizarre vormen van de koralen. Praktische aanwijzingen over de inrichting van de bak, de keuze van het gezelschap, de waterbereiding, het voedsel en het gedrag. Kenmerkende eigenschappen van de dieren in een handig overzicht. Antwoorden op de meest gestelde vragen over het zeewateraquarium. De mooiste vissen, koralen en andere zeedieren. Wat te doen als er iets mis gaat met het aquarium?

Engelse boeken

You know the fishes and can identify the reef critters, but what about the animals that actually form a coral reef? Existing in an abundance of colours and intriguing shapes, these animals are worth a closer look. 530 classic photographs of living specimens and the most current scientific classifications help identify virtually every species of stony coral, gorgonian, fire coral and black coral inhabiting the tropical western Atlantic. This new 2nd edition includes a comprehensive photo-essay of coral diseases and predation and a photo gallery on coral reproduction. If you want to know more about marine plants, this book has got them, too; an appendix with descriptions and photos of 100 species of marine plants is included. Improved flexibinding with plastic covers allows book to lie flat.

Finally, a comprehensive fish identification guide covering the fish-rich reefs of the Pacific. It contains 2,500 underwater photographs of 2,000 species from four of the best marine life authors/photographers in the business. Their collaboration makes it possible for underwater naturalists to identify fishes from Thailand to Tahiti with a single, compact, easy-to-use, no-nonsense reference. 108 fish families are presented in one of 20 Identification groups based on a family's related visual or behavioural characteristics, such as Large Oval / Colourful or Sand/Burrow Dwellers. Likewise, every effort has been made to group similar appearing species together

The standard fish ID reference for underwater naturalists and marine scientists since 1989 just got better! This enlarged 3rd edition has grown by 20 percent including the addition of over 100 exciting new fish species. The scientifically updated text now boasts 825 classic marine life photographs of 600 common and rare reef fish species. The easy to use, quick-reference format designed for divers makes it a snap to identify the myriad fishes that inhabit the waters of Florida, the Caribbean, Bahamas and now Brazil! It features a new durable, cloth-stitched flexi-binding that folds flat for easy use and water-repellent plastic covers.

This groundbreaking text offers underwater naturalists a detailed overview of what is presently known about the behaviour and ecology of reef fishes inhabiting the waters of Florida, the Caribbean and Bahamas. It also serves as a companion reference to our popular Reef Fish Identification . The enjoyable fact-filled text is lavishly illustrated with 475 marine life photos, many capturing spectacular fish behaviours never before documented. Readers not only learn about the nature of the fishes sighted on every reef dive, but also learn when and where to observe the dramatic behaviours.

The book that has been relied on for a decade to identify the weird and wonderful crabs, lobsters, shrimps, jellies, sponges, tunicates and mollusks that inhabit the reefs is now 30 percent larger! This 2nd edition includes 220 new photos of beautiful shells, outrageously camouflaged crabs, a superb collection of exquisite nudibranchs and the most outrageous octopus ever discovered in the Caribbean! The scientifically updated text, illustrated with over 660 fascinating photos, is the most comprehensive and beautiful visual ID reference published for marine invertebrates of the Florida Caribbean and Bahamas region.

"The Most Beautiful Aquariums of the World" is geen aquariumboek. Het is een boek over aquaria als sierelement; aquaria als hoogtepunt van een interieur. Dit boek legt net zo zeer de nadruk op (binnenhuis)architectuur en het meubilair, als op de aquaria en de levende waterorganismen. Fotoreeksen en tekst vertellen een verhaal over hoe een klein stukje natuur, in de vorm van een leven in een aquarium, deel uit kan maken van een prachtige ruimte.

Corals are the master builders of the ocean world. This book examines these animals' living habits, anatomy, reproduction, growth patterns, and hunting techniques. A special chapter focuses on coral reefs, including where they are found, different types of environmental threats.

By looking at small, specialized habitats, this series brings to life the multiple complexities present in even the most common or simple environments.

Coral reefs throughout the tropics support an amazing diversity of fish - from eye-catching butterflyfish, which hover around the corals, to secretive gobies, and venomous scorpionfish lying camouflaged on the sea bed. The appeal of coral fish lies not only in the exquisite beauty that some are renowned for, but in their fascinating lifestyles and behaviour.;This work aims to offer an insight into the diversity of the fish that live in and around coral reefs. It explores the varied lifestyles of these fish - the means by which they find food and shelter on the reef, and their complex interactions. The author describes the partnerships of anemonefish and sea anemones, grazing activities of parrotfish and surgeonfish, and the lifestyles of many other fish that live on coral reefs, huge predatory groupers and even sharks among them.

Keeping live corals has been likened to "Bonsai for the Cousteau generation" and "the ultimate underwater gardening experience." Beautiful, bizarre, and among nature's most colorful creations, living corals are now being successfully kept and grown in tens of thousands of home saltwater aquariums.
For the first time, master aquarist Eric Borneman offers an authoritative, comprehensive, and fully illustrated guide to appropriate aquarium species, including a diversity of soft corals, as well as popular and rare large-polyp and small-polyp stony corals. World-class photographs and text reviewed by leading coral biologists and coral keepers guides the reader through the selection and husbandry of hundreds of species.

The home coral reef aquarium balances water chemistry & light to nurture beneficial algae. This manual shows you how to grow corals by controlling their environment . You''ll also find information on sponges & molluscs compatible with your aquarium.

A fresh easy to follow approach to setting up and stocking a reef aquarium, filled with simple but authoritative advice from two of the most respected pioneers of the modern marine hobby. Readers will learn how to select fish, coral and other invertebrates; suggestions for unique biotopreef systems; and much more. There are over 100 pages of encylopedic listings of fishes and invertebrates commonly available to the marine aquarist-all in full color.

The single most important contributor to success with a marine aquarium is maintaining appropriate water chemistry parameters. However, many hobbyists find the concept of water chemistry to be very daunting. This book starts by addressing basic topics like the definition of ?good? water quality and why water quality is so important. It then moves on to more complex subjects, such as how exactly to obtain and maintain good water quality, what 14 water tests can be performed by the hobbyist, and how to troubleshoot particular water chemistry problems. All of these topics are addressed in great detail, with an emphasis on making the information both clear and comprehensive. Discover the key to aquarium success by reading Marine Chemistry and following its complete and comprehensible advice.

Het lezen even zat?

Verander je TV of Computer in een aquarium!! Kies uit natuurlijke geluiden of achtergrond muziek. Het scherm komt tot leven na deze natuurlijke metamorfose. Stel je voor, jouw eigen vis tank. Zonder enig onderhoud. DVD Aquarium brengt een levensecht aquarium op tv of computer. Met deze dvd kies je welk aquarium je wilt zien om vervolgens achterover te leunen en te relaxen. De loop zorgt voor continue afspeelbaarheid. Onderhoudend, plezierig en niet van echt te onderscheiden: thuis of op kantoor.

Nog meer genieten van deze mooie onderwaterwereld? Met deze dvd komt de tv tot leven!

Uw geest zal zweven en uw zintuigen zullen door de langzame bewegingen van het onderwaterleven tot rust komen. U zult in een wereld van diepe rust terecht komen. Deze Dreamwindow DVD brengt twee exotische aquariums in uw huiskamer bovendien kunt uw genieten van de hypnotische dans van kwallen in het water.